What Network is 0967 in Philippines

For Filipinos dealing with phone services, picking the right network provider can affect their daily communication. Many people often ask: “What Network is 0967 in Philippines?” Here our effort is to answer this question clearly and in detail. We will explain how phone networks work and where they cover, so you can make informed decisions and stay connected with confidence.

0967 What Network Philippines

The 0967 prefix is used for mobile phones in the Philippines by Globe Telecom, a major telecom company. It’s part of Globe’s phone numbers for both prepaid and postpaid plans. Knowing which network a prefix belongs to helps users determine call and message costs. This is particularly useful when communicating across different networks.

Prefix Company
0967 Globe Telecom

Miscellaneous Network Prefixes

0994 0956
0916 0981

Why is the Globe Telecom?

As this operator is familiar for offering great service and connectivity all over the Philippines. Here are some reasons why millions of Filipinos trust and choose Globe:

  • Wide Coverage:

Globe gives you good coverage so you can stay connected even in remote areas with your loved ones.

  • Innovative Services:

The Globe is a leader in new mobile technology and internet improvements, always pushing for digital innovation.

  • Customer Centric Plans:

Whether you use a lot of data or need an affordable calling plan, Globe has a range of choices to fit various needs.

  • Sustainability Commitment:

Globe cares a lot about the environment and tries hard to reduce its impact while keeping its service excellent.

How to Maximize Your Globe Experience

To fully benefit from Globe’s offerings, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Explore Globe Promos:

Stay updated with the latest promotions to get extra data, call minutes, and text credits without additional charges.

  • Use the GlobeOne App:

You can easily handle your account, keep track of how much data you use, and sign up for special deals using their easy-to-use app.

  • Globe Rewards:

Collect points every time you add credit and exchange them for rewards or use them to buy things and services.


Experience the great connectivity and services from Globe Telecom. Join a network that supports your digital life with strong coverage, custom plans, and rewards. Choose Globe for smooth communication that improves your daily life. Visit a Globe store or check online to start with a network that puts you first.

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