Is 0912 Globe or Smart (What Network)

Understanding whether 0912 belongs to Globe or Smart helps mobile users in the Philippines make informed choices for their calls, messages, and internet usage. This knowledge enables them to select the most suitable and cost effective plans. By being aware of these details, users can maximize the advantages offered by their network providers, thereby enhancing their overall mobile experience. Awareness of these prefixes also helps users avoid unnecessary expenses and limitations, ensuring they utilize their mobile services more efficiently.

0912 What Network

A mobile prefix is the first four digits of a phone number after the country code (+63 in the Philippines). Each network provider has its own set of these prefixes, which show which network the number belongs to.

This is important because some special offers, such as unlimited calls and texts, usually work only for numbers on the same network. Knowing these prefixes helps people take full advantage of offers and services specific to their network.

Prefix Company
0912 TNT (Talk ‘n Text)

The Prefix 0912: Which Network Does It Belong To?

The number starting with 0912 belongs to Smart Communications, a big phone company in the Philippines. Smart offers services like calls, texts, and the Internet. Knowing that 0912 is Smart’s number can help people who use Smart’s deals or are thinking about using them. This lets users manage their calls and messages well, so they get the most out of Smart’s services.

Different Network Prefixes

0967 0994
0991 0956

Importance of Knowing Mobile Number Prefixes

  • Cost Management

Knowing your contacts’ network prefixes is crucial for saving money. Telecom companies often provide unlimited calls and texts within the same network. However, communicating with numbers on different networks may result in higher costs. Checking the recipient’s network beforehand can prevent unexpected charges and help manage your communication expenses effectively.

  • Network-Specific Promos

Each mobile network often offers special deals and promotions that are only available to their customers. For example, knowing that 0912 is a Smart number helps Smart subscribers use discounts or free communication offers with other Smart users to the fullest.

  • Switching Networks

When people think about changing networks, knowing if most of their friends are on the same network can help them decide. If someone has a lot of friends on one network, it could be a good idea to switch to that network or stick with it. This lets them take full advantage of special offers that are only for that network.


Therefore which network a mobile number belongs to is crucial for saving money and accessing the best deals. If your number starts with 0912, being aware that it belongs to Smart Communications is beneficial for both current and potential Smart users.

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