0964 What Network TNT or Some Other

Each mobile network has its special number at the start of phone numbers in the Philippines. These numbers show which company provides the service. For example, the number 0964 is connected with TNT, part of Smart Communications, Inc. This context explains why the 0964 number is important. It talks about the areas where the network works, the different services it gives, and important details users should know. Whether you are looking at TNT’s Prepay or monthly plans, knowing the 0964 number helps you pick the right phone service that fits your needs all over the Philippines.

0964 What Sim

The number starting with 0964 is connected with TNT. TNT is also known as “Talk ‘N Text.” It’s a well known brand in the Philippines. TNT provides prepaid mobile services. TNT is part of Smart Communications, a leading telecommunications company in the country. People with numbers starting with 0964 can use affordable prepaid services for making calls, sending texts, and using data.

Prefix Corporation
0964 Smart Communications

Services Offered by TNT

TNT focuses on providing affordable prepaid mobile services to users across the Philippines. The 0964 network offers important services, such as:

  • Prepaid Promos:

TNT offers prepaid plans with unlimited texts, calls to other networks, and mobile data. These plans fit different needs, from basic communication to using a lot of data.

  • Internet Packages:

Users can choose different internet packages for browsing and streaming. TNT’s data packages are priced competitively to attract many users.

  • Value-Added Services:

TNT offers more than just communication services. They also provide mobile gaming deals, exclusive content access, and partner with other digital platforms.

Network Coverage and Reliability

The 0964 network, run by Smart Communications, covers a large area in the Philippines. Smart has invested a lot in its network to make sure service is reliable, even in far-off places. People can rely on good connections for calls, texts, and using the internet on their phones because Smart keeps working to make its coverage better.

TNT’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Through its 0964 network, TNT prioritizes customer satisfaction and user experience. The company regularly updates its services to meet changing consumer needs, incorporating feedback and technological improvements to improve service quality.

0964 Network

Therefore the 0964 network prefix is linked with TNT, owned by Smart Communications, Inc. People who use TNT can get affordable prepaid plans and good network coverage. TNT focuses on making customers happy. Whether you need to talk, text, or use the internet, TNT’s 0964 network gives reliable service all over the country.

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