0922 Mobile Number (What Network)

One thing observed in the Philippines is that mobile networks are spearheaded by two industry heavyweights: Smart and Globe Telecom. These telecommunications leaders maintain expansive networks that deliver essential mobile voice, messaging, and data services nationwide. Each network is distinguishable by its distinct prefixes, like the widely recognized 0922, which use as a marker identifying the specific network associated with a mobile number. This infrastructure help in spreading connectivity and also underscores technological prowess upheld by these influential providers.

0922 What Network

Network prefixes are the beginning numbers in a mobile phone number that shows which telecom company provides the service. For instance, the prefix 0922 is used by both Smart and Globe networks. It’s important to know this to tell them apart.

Prefix Network
0922 Smart

“Services Offered by Smart”

  • Mobile Voice and SMS:

Smart offers dependable voice call services and SMS throughout its network.

  • Mobile Internet:

Smart offers quick mobile internet services that let people browse the web, stream videos, and stay connected online without interruptions.

  • Digital Services:

Now offers Smart digital services like mobile banking, digital payments, and entertainment platforms.

Some Popular Prefixes

0943 0964
0962 0956


It began working decades ago and has a history of introducing new ways for people to communicate across the country. Similar to Smart, Globe offers various mobile services like phone calls, or else mobile internet, and digital solutions.

“Services Offered by Globe”

  • Mobile Voice and SMS:

Globe delivers strong voice call and SMS services to its subscribers, ensuring reliable communication.

  • Mobile Internet:

Globe gives fast and reliable mobile internet that meets the growing demand for online services.

  • Digital Solutions:

They have diversified their offerings to include digital solutions such as mobile payments, entertainment platforms, and cloud services.

Differentiating Between 0922 Smart and Globe

The prefix 0922 is used by both Smart and Globe networks, which can sometimes confuse users. Here’s a simple guide to tell them apart:

  • SIM Card Labeling:

When you buy a SIM card from Smart or Globe, the package and labels tell you which network it is.

  • Service Activation:

Once you start using your SIM card, you will get messages that tell you which network you are using.

  • Network Features:

Every network might provide unique features and promotions that appeal to various user preferences.

Smart and Globe network

So the numbers starting with 0922 are used by Smart and Globe, two big mobile companies in the Philippines. They both offer things like calls, texts, and the internet, but they can differ in how well they work in different places, how much they cost, and what extra things they offer. Knowing what each one offers can help you pick the best one for what you need. When you decide, think about things like where they work best, how reliable they are, and how good their customer service is.

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