0918 What Network Philippines

Mobile networks are crucial in connecting people throughout the Philippines, facilitating communication, and keeping communities connected via mobile phones. One of the widely recognized prefixes in the Philippines is 0918, associated with a leading telecommunications provider in the country. This article delves into the specifics of the 0918 network, examining its array of services, extensive coverage across different regions, and unique features that distinguish it in the competitive landscape of the Philippine telecom sector.

0918 Sim

The 0918 network prefix is connected to Globe Telecom, a big telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe is popular for its mobile and internet services. If a phone number starts with 0918, it means the person uses Globe’s services. They offer different plans for calls, texts, and the internet to help people stay connected.

Prefix Company
0918 Talk ‘n Text

Services Offered by 0918 Network

Globe Telecom has many services made to fit what people want under the 0918 network prefix.

  • Voice Calls:

If your number starts with 0918, you can use Globe’s good voice call service to connect easily in the Philippines and around the world, thanks to Globe’s strong network partnerships.

  • Text Messaging:

Sending text messages is still very popular for communication in the Philippines. Globe Telecom makes sure that its customers with the 0918 prefix can send messages quickly and effectively.

  • Mobile Data:

As more people want to use the internet on their phones, Globe has good data plans for the 0918 network. These plans help subscribers stay connected, browse the internet, and use social media easily.

  • Value-Added Services:

Besides basic communication services, Globe also offers extra benefits such as mobile banking, entertainment subscriptions, and special deals through partnerships with other companies.

Coverage and Network Reliability

Globe Telecom has spent a lot to make its network cover more of the Philippines. The 0918 network gets better all the time, so people with it have fewer problems staying connected, even in far off places.


People with the 0918 network prefix often get special deals, discounts, and rewards from Globe Telecom. These can include cheaper data plans, extra data or call time for free, and invites to special events or exclusive content.



Therefore the 0918 network by Globe Telecom offers reliable and innovative phone services in the Philippines. It covers a lot of areas, has good data plans, and focuses on keeping customers happy. Choosing the 0918 prefix means getting great phone services backed by Globe’s commitment to quality and improving technology in telecommunications.

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